Read me:

1, FreeNote is a shareware, free version has the same functionality as paid version.
2, The app is compatible with android 1.5 and later.
3, Evaluation code: tqeoixbu


1, Fix small bugs;
2, Add Option for pressure sensitive brush;
3, Add Option: brush opacity


1, Fix widget often dead;
2, Fix searching by title;
3, Add drawing selector button;
4, Improve line tool(snap to grid);
5, Improve pressure-sensitive brush & color sucker;
6, Add Feature: Merge Layers;
7, Add Feature: Link to bookmark;
8, Add Feature: Link to contact;
9, Remove Message category & add Bookmark category;
10, Add widget 3x1, 4x2;
11, Add support for "tab" key;
12, Note: Palm rejection is only supported by electromagnetic pen.


1, Fix adding widget;
2, Fix the stylus only option;
3, Fix the screen orientation option;
4, Add a scroll bar for the keyboard mode


1, Add a pressure-sensitive brush & a color sucker;
2, Add Feature: Layers management;
3, Add Feature: Reorder pages;
4, Add Feature: Insert Page margin;
5, Add option: Page recover;
6, Add option: Stylus support;
7, Improve typing performance;
8, Improve the list mode of the page explorer;
9, Fix force-closes;
10, Fix inserting picture;
11, Fix backspace-gesture;
12, Remove widget 6x6


1, Make the thumbnails bigger.
2, Add list view in explorer.
3, Add option: Move the writing area to the bottom.
4, Add option: Modify the pencil width.
5, Add new background images for widget(need re-add the widget).
6, Fix force-closes.
7, Fix the bug about selecting background image from gallery.
8, Fix handwriting algorithm. Sorry some handwritings will be slightly changed.
9, Fix the move function under the correction mode.
10, Remove the fast space feature. it is a little mysterious.
11, Add new rule($TAG:tag$##tag) to Phases function. It is for adding tags.
12, Add support to 9-patch(compiled) background images.


1, Fix force-closes.
2, Hide FreeNote folder from the Gallery(need reboot).
3, Fix add link function.
4, Fix text scale function.
5, Fix export function. Put export menu item to "Share".
6, Add setting: Large thumbnail.
7, Add setting: Set cursor to end.
8, Auto add todo box when return.
9, Enlarge text box when keyboard is open.
10, Add Android 1.5 support.


1,Fix auto-rotate function.
2,Temporarily disable the opacity option, because it is conflict with the auto-rotate in some devices.
3,Add 3*3 widget
4,Fix links function
5,Fix FC when switch to the empty category.
6,Fix the bug about some settings do not work.


1, Add Too MANY Features.
2, Add Tutorial.
3, More stability

1, Allow to turn off trackball for paging.
2, Add landscape calendar support.
3, Add linkify support(menu->insert...->linkify)
4, Fix the bug of voice recorder function.
5, Fix the bug of the text display. Please reset the font size in the handwrite settings if the text is too small on your device.


1, Add Twitter support.
2, 5 new background images, add support for tile mode.
3, Add multi-widgets support.
4, Fix some bugs.

1, Fixed the bugs of category function.
2, Fixed some crash problems.


1, Fixed bugs in honeycomb(i.e. Menu button, Caret, Text Selection)
2, Provide guidelines for Handwrite(English) mode.

1, Combine the classification and encryption into one function. The category of "All" does not include the confidential contents.
2, Combine the "voice recording" and "insert..." into one function.
3, Add video recording function.
4, Simplify the scroll operation.
5, Support custom font.
6, Add photo-sketch effect.
7, Add backup function.
8, Allow to show background grid when publish the content.
9, Solve 1x2,1x4 bug on some devices.
10, Add multi-language support